Today's Pitch Deck Starts & Ends with Video

  • Successful equity-based crowd funding campaigns are based on marketing.

  • So, a prerequisite is to create sufficient marketing content - relevant content!

  • Then deliver it thru multiple channels with a video focus throughout all platforms. 

Video enjoys direct attention - it's less distracting then:
  • Pitch events with multiple candidates, &
  • Data driven plans with no "voice".

Design your video pitch deck for optimum exposure to attract, educate and engage.

Our Series of Pre-Launch Services:

Tell it in Video: Video Pitch Deck Development
Know Your Options: Funding Workshops

My Story - On the Capital Access Blvd Show

iBOSSinc Video Pitch Deck Development plus...

  • Professionally Recorded in Studio or Remotely
  • Video Editing of Clips for Funnel Marketing
  • Presentation Assistance for both PowerPoint & MP4
  • Video Portal for Online Viewing & Content Management
  • Pre-Launch Crowd Source Platform for Friends & Family
     See two of our clients content below...
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Why a Video Pitch Deck?

You already know how to "sell" to your customer base. iBOSSinc specializes in helping you "speak" to your crowd of potential investors. We take you beyond the sizzle and help you build your multi-media business case. 

  • Who are you trying to reach? When you are not in front of the intended, video is the next best solution to a face meeting. 
  • How can you make the initial interactions engaging? Turn your data laden PowerPoint into a "live" business presentation.
  • How can you respect others time when requesting they review your opportunity? Video - it can grab one's attention while providing information for a small investment of time!
We help you create both your
  • "Live" pitch deck for marketing your full story &
  • Clips to educate over time thru your marketing funnel.